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This site provides you with an overview of kidney health, kidney pain and diseases, and some treatment and prevention options. Now take a look at some further resources for information about your kidneys.

Kidney Health Research

The medical world is constantly doing more research into the cause and prevention of kidney pain and its causes. Clinical trials are held all around the world in an effort to find a way to cure kidney diseases or to prevent them. Medicines that are currently used for other conditions and are approved by the FDA are being tested to see if they can safely treat the kidney pain associated with diseases and conditions that attack a person’s kidneys. Numerous foundations are also available for loved ones and patients to turn to.

The National Kidney Foundation is a non-profit organization that specializes in helping those who have kidney disease. They use donations to continue the research into curing and preventing kidney diseases. They also provide education for professionals, family members and patients afflicted with the disease.

There are a number of different disease specific organizations as well. The PKD Foundation provides support for those with polycystic kidney disease. The PKD has been working to find a cure for this hereditary disease that affects 12.5 million people. They have helped fund 20 clinical trials of drugs that may help treat the polycystic kidney disease.

Prescription treatment and drug trials

The National Institutes of Health is constantly recruiting individuals who wish to be part of drug trials used to treat various causes of kidney pain. Several experimental drugs are nearing the final phases of clinical trials and may soon be available in the United States pending FDA approval. One particular drug, Tamsulosin is currently used to treat a prostate issue, but is being studied in trials to determine its benefit to treating kidney stones. Many people may know this drug by its shelf name, Flomax.

Another drug currently prescribed today for people who have pain due to poor circulation may prove beneficial to CKD patients. Pentoxifylline is marketed under the names Pentoxil and Trental. Studies indicate the drug may help reduce the level of proteinuria or protein in the urine, a common problem for those with CKD. Further studies are needed before the medicine can be prescribed to those with kidney issues.

Many people worry about taking medicines or undergoing surgery to cure their kidney pain. There are alternatives, but they are not usually recommended by a doctor. One alternative to treating kidney pain incorporates the use of a centuries old style of Chinese medicine, known as acupuncture. Studies are currently being conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of acupuncture when it comes to treating kidney pain.

Another common recommendation to preventing some kidney ailments is by drinking one cup of green or black tea everyday. Orange juice or water flavored with pure lemon juice may help reduce the calcium levels in the blood. Excess calcium adds extra work for the kidneys and the excess may be left in the kidney to go on to become a kidney stone.

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