Kidney Pain is here to help serve the needs of those suffering from kidney pain or loved ones hoping to find some answers about the condition. This page can help you work through the numerous questions you are bound to have about kidney pain, and what it means. This page includes the following:

Understanding Kidney Pain 
Understanding what kidney pain is and where it is felt. Many people are unsure where their kidneys are, and are not sure if the pain they feel is actually caused by the kidneys or some other problem.

Understanding Kidney Health 
Explanations about the importance of the kidneys and why it is imperative they are kept in good health.

Kidney Illnesses, Diseases, and Conditions 
Discussion about illnesses or diseases that cause kidney pain. Is kidney pain due to a chronic condition, inherited or something a person just develops?

Treatment and Prevention 
Treatment available for the various causes of kidney pain as well as prevention tips.

More Resources for Kidney Pain Information 
Provide names of organizations dedicated to providing information, education and assistance to people suffering from kidney pain. Information about ongoing research into kidney pain is also included.